Materials chemical resistance

Stainless steel A2 resistance chart



Chemical resistance:

A resistant - no effect, excellent resistance
B practically resistant - minor effect, slight corrosion or discoloration
C partially resistant - střední účinek, změknutí nebo ztráta pevnosti, nevhodné pro nepřetržité použití
D not resistant - severe effect, not recommended for any use
*22 satisfactory to 22°C
*48 satisfactory to 48°C

Important information:

Chemical resistance data have been drawn up based on information provided by various manufacturers of raw materials and the values given are based solely on laboratory tests with these materials. Plastic components made from these materials may be subject to influences that cannot be recognized in laboratory tests, such as changing temperature, pressure, stress, effects of chemicals, aging, wear and tear, etc. For this reason, the values are indicative only and in extreme cases it is necessary to carry out your own testing. A knowledge of chemical and mechanical resistance alone is not sufficient to evaluate the usability of the product. Neither legal claims can be derived from this information nor we accept any liability for it.

Source of data is Cole-Parmer database of materials chemical resistance available at

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